camera, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

She was taking a photo of me with her little squished up flower petal camera. I’m not sure if she got the shot.


biker, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

Kids were excited to get their bikes out for the first time since fall. In snowpants and boots, but biking!

unicorn, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

G wanted a marker taped to her head so she could be a unicorn. We compromised by taping it to her hood.

April 13.

January 2.

December 28.  A butterfly temporary tattoo.  Since it’s vacation, the new “grandma pajamas” often stay on long past breakfast.  You’ll notice she was wearing these in a photo yesterday too . . .

December 18.  Eating some of “Jesus’ birthday cake” at Grace’s preschool Christmas program.

December 10.

November 12.

October 21.  Rumor has it I did this a lot when I was a kid too. . .