October 2008

October 30.


October 29.

October 28.  The skyway between Macy’s and the IDS in downtown Minneapolis.  There’s an exhibit called “Looking for Home” with large images on the windows.  Those are lights from a building behind his face.

October 27.  The glow is my flash under a pile of leaves.

October 26.  The light rail train coming past over a fence.

October 25.

October 24.

October 23.  Our friend made this green tomato pie for our dessert tonight.  It may not look it, but it was good!

October 22.  I was having fun playing with my new flash.  I put the flash behind the doll’s head, so the light is shining through.  Eeek! 

I’m including a bonus photo for the day, just in case you need something calmer after that baby.  It’s a lily blooming on a plant I brought in so it wouldn’t freeze.

October 21.  Rumor has it I did this a lot when I was a kid too. . .

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