February 2009

February 25.


February 24.

February 23.  Isaiah spent a lot of time working on this very cool snow fort, complete with windows.

February 22.

February 21.  Angelo’s Barbeque in Fort Worth, TX.  This was quite a the place–lots of animals heads on the walls.  My brother and a couple cousins and I ate lunch here after touring a couple art museums.

February 20.  I flew into Dallas today for my cousin’s wedding.  My flight was delayed, and I got into the hotel  a little before midnight.  I took this photo one the way to stumbling to my room.

February 19.  Updating my portfolio on my website again:  http://www.jenniferlarson.net.

February 18.  Renovation at the old Nate’s Clothing building in the Warehouse District (Minneapolis).

February 17.

February 16.

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