March 2012

This week I photographed at my cozy neighborhood donut shop, The Donut Cooperative. We’re lucky to have them at the end of our block. so we feel like they are “ours.” Sometimes when I wake up and have trouble falling back asleep and it’s after 3 a.m., I think about how they’re already making donuts just down the street. One interesting note about the Donut Cooperative is they used Kickstarter to raise the funds to start their business.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing at Fun City Dogs, a Seward-based doggie daycare. So many gorgeous dogs! What a fun place. I was heartily greeted by much barking and licking. One challenge was whenever I tried to get down to photograph on my knee, to get a lower angle, I’d get a big wet kiss or a nose in my lens.

The Fun City Dogs owner RyAnne gave me a tour. They provide daycare for a whole bunch of dogs–some daily and some more infrequently. And right now they have a few foster dogs, so they have overnight care for those pups. They’re located over near the light rail trail between 24th and 22nd Streets. All of the staff were really friendly, and they seemed to enjoy their jobs.