I had an opportunity to visit and photograph Growing Lots, an urban farm located next to Coastal Seafoods in Seward.  Stefan Meyer and the Growing Lots folks started with a couple of parking lots, brought in a whole lot of soil, and now they have amazingly lush gardens.  The farm is an urban CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). They have 24 subscribers, who bought a share in the farm at the beginning of the season and get weekly veggies all summer long. I happened to be there on the last day they had chickens, so I the chance to meet many of the lovely gals (and rooster) before they moved to new homes. Thanks again to farmers Stefan and Jake for the visit.


This week’s business is Siewert Cabinet.  And just FYI, they make a lot more than just cabinets–work stations, reception desks, and other products for businesses, as well as a whole variety of lovely residential woodwork.  Thanks to Rick and Cindy Siewert and staff for the visit.

siewert cabinet

Rick Siewert

I had the pleasure of hanging around photographing at Caption Max today–a superstar closed captioning company right here in Seward.  There are just a handful of companies that do this work in the US–they have an office is California as well, where they do most of their captioning for live shows.  Along with closed captioning, they do subtitles, translation, and audio description for blind viewers. Thanks to Max Ducker and all of the friendly folks at Caption Max for welcoming me today.

liquor store

This week’s Seward business is Shabelle Grocery and Deli on Franklin Ave. We had our monthly meeting there for the Seward Civic and Commerce Association, and I stuck around for some photos. Super yummy Ethiopian food, and warm, friendly staff. I’ll definitely be back again.