July 2008

July 30.


July 29.  The water after the kids are done playing in it . . .

July 28.  For a few days we’ve had tiny red spider eggs on the outside of our kitchen window–and the mama spider hovering near.  Today tiny red spiders hatched!  If you click the photo there’s a larger version.  They’re REALLY tiny.

July 27. A lemonade stand.  And below, a photo by guest photographer Isaiah.  We found a tiny baby animal, still alive, on the sidewalk.  We later discovered that it’s a baby squirrel.  Some friends took it home in a t-shirt to see what could be done.

July 26.  Pontoon boat ride.

July 25.  My dad’s old skis (his dad’s), mounted on the wall at their cabin.

July 24.  Our friend Amos had been playing with tape.  We could still mostly understand it when he talked.  I’m pretty sure he took it off for dinner.

July 23.

July 22.

July 21.  Loring Park music and movies.

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