March 2009

March 30.


March 29.  Our sweet boy is growing up.  He lost one of his top front teeth–even pulled it out himself!  Then we heard it bounce on the bathroom floor–took awhile to find it.  Maybe posting this entry will make double sure the tooth fairy knows to make a visit . . .

March 28.

March 28.

March 26.  Miss Grace is in a dress phase, especially because it’s fun to wear tights with a dress.  Many of her favorite tights had holes in the toes and knees from so much wear.  But today was an exciting day.  A non-dress-wearing friend of Grace’s passed along some of her many hand-me-down tights.

March 25.  The kids have these toothbrushes that flash for a minute–so they brush for as long as it flashes.  I was skeptical at first, but it really does get them to brush pretty well.  At least a long longer than the perfunctory two seconds.

March 24.

March 23.

We stayed with some lovely folks in Decorah, Iowa.  Their  farm is off the grid–solor and wind powered.  It was inpiring.  And so was the creek in the frosty morning.

March 21.  A gorgeous day in the woods, meandering down the Mississippi from Lacrosse to Decorcah, Iowa.  Grace doesn’t usually request to be photographed (very often refuses when I point my camera her way).  She asked if I could take her picture on this log.  I obliged.

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