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Welna II door, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

Back door at the friendly Welna II Hardware in Seward.


Hey there! So it’s been awhile, but I’m back with more photos of Seward businesses and I plan to keep on it. This week I visited SPOKES, a new nonprofit in Seward promoting biking and walking. They offer (free and low cost) bike maintenance classes, access to bikes, adult learn-to-ride classes, and more. I was inspired watching folks learning to ride a bike in Matthews Park. Made me want to go home and try something new. And I visited the shop on volunteer night and watched some bike fixing in action. Thanks to SPOKES for the visit. I’m glad you’re in the neighborhood!


learning to ride








This week I photographed at my cozy neighborhood donut shop, The Donut Cooperative. We’re lucky to have them at the end of our block. so we feel like they are “ours.” Sometimes when I wake up and have trouble falling back asleep and it’s after 3 a.m., I think about how they’re already making donuts just down the street. One interesting note about the Donut Cooperative is they used Kickstarter to raise the funds to start their business.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing at Fun City Dogs, a Seward-based doggie daycare. So many gorgeous dogs! What a fun place. I was heartily greeted by much barking and licking. One challenge was whenever I tried to get down to photograph on my knee, to get a lower angle, I’d get a big wet kiss or a nose in my lens.

The Fun City Dogs owner RyAnne gave me a tour. They provide daycare for a whole bunch of dogs–some daily and some more infrequently. And right now they have a few foster dogs, so they have overnight care for those pups. They’re located over near the light rail trail between 24th and 22nd Streets. All of the staff were really friendly, and they seemed to enjoy their jobs.


Are you familiar with United Noodles, the hidden gem of an Asian grocery store in Seward? It’s on 24th Street just past Minnehaha, near where it dead-ends by the light rail line. Look for the big United Noodles sign on the left side. I started out with a yummy lunch from their deli, and then Lucy Schneeman, their super-friendly marketing manager, gave me the full tour.

United Noodles is celebrating 40 years in business this year. They’ve been in the same Seward location since the store was established by Alice Fung and Ramon Tan in 1972. The current general manager is Alice’s son Eric. United Noodles carries over 8,000 items from over 15 countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. They are now selling their products online as well.

My lunch. Yum.

Tea Egg: hardboiled eggs in tea (cracked on purpose to let the tea flavor in)

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I posted of a Seward business. Life got busy, I guess.

I visited Los Campeones on Franklin Ave. (near the Seward Co-op) quite a number of weeks ago. I had walked by many times and peeked in the door, but I hadn’t had the full tour. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I returned a few days later to photograph a women’s boxing class. Thanks to everyone!

the owners

I had an opportunity to visit and photograph Growing Lots, an urban farm located next to Coastal Seafoods in Seward.  Stefan Meyer and the Growing Lots folks started with a couple of parking lots, brought in a whole lot of soil, and now they have amazingly lush gardens.  The farm is an urban CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). They have 24 subscribers, who bought a share in the farm at the beginning of the season and get weekly veggies all summer long. I happened to be there on the last day they had chickens, so I the chance to meet many of the lovely gals (and rooster) before they moved to new homes. Thanks again to farmers Stefan and Jake for the visit.

Sorry folks, I’ve been rather swamped with work and haven’t been out photographing Seward businesses.  But here I am.  Last week I visited Zipps Liquors on Franklin, owned and run by the same family for 50 (is it 51?) years.  Impressive!  They’re known for their well-stocked shelves and knowledgeable staff.  Thanks, Jennifer, and the Zipps staff for letting me visit.

Last week we had our monthly Seward Civic and Commerce Association (SCCA) meeting at the Vine Arts building.  (SCCA is the Seward neighborhood business association.)  As a part of the meeting, we the opportunity to tour some of the businesses housed in the building.  I had to run off to another meeting right afterward, so sadly I didn’t get to complete the tour (and I was moving pretty quickly).  Perhaps I’ll get back there with my camera another day . . .

Anda Flamenco:

kristina at Anda Flamenco

Kristina de Sacramento, Artistic Director

Nguyen Architects:

Tan Nguyen

Babs Casting:

Barbara "Babs" Shelton

Ellie Kingsbury Pictures:

Ellie Kingsbury

Ellie Kingsbury



This week’s business is Siewert Cabinet.  And just FYI, they make a lot more than just cabinets–work stations, reception desks, and other products for businesses, as well as a whole variety of lovely residential woodwork.  Thanks to Rick and Cindy Siewert and staff for the visit.

siewert cabinet

Rick Siewert

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