April 2009

April 29.  So here it is, a year of every day photos.  I started making (at least) one new photo every day last year on April 28.  (Forgot a few days along the way.)  I made a lot of photos I never would’ve made.  I carried my camera around a lot more than I ever had.  And I see photos everywhere I go, whether or not I get out the camera.  It’s been good fun.

And now I’m going to switch the focus a bit.  I’m continuing the blog, but I may or may not post every day.  And I may post more than just one from the same day.  Over the year, I found that I’d sometimes  say, “oh, good, I took my photo for the day–so no need to look any further.”  Seems like it’s time for a new challenge.  Not exactly sure what that will be.

I feel kind of sad ending this project.  It’s been a good year.   Thanks for all of your visits and comments.  And stay tuned for what’s next!


April 28.  The owners of  a newish Thai restaurant on Central Ave. in Northeast Minneapolis called Sen Yai Sen Lek (Big Noodle, Little Noodle).  The photo is for an annual report I’m doing in my graphic design business, for a NE Minneapolis nonprofit (Northeast Community Development Corporation).

April 26.  Matthew’s Park ballfield.

April 25.

April 24.

April 23.  Miss G and her buddy.

April 22.  Grace made this at school today.  It’s styrofoam pieces glued onto construction paper.

April 21.

April 20.

April 19.

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