April 18.  Another new trick.  Isaiah walked on stilts today!  He picked it up pretty quickly.  To fall, he crosses his hands across his chest and drops to his knees.  There’s padding in the knee section of the stilts.  Harry, his future uncle, taught him.


December 13.

December 9.  I took this photo through this little plastic toy the kids have the make lights look like rainbows.  Pretty groovy.

December 7.

November 23.  The kids put windows in this box.  I took this with the flash inside of the box.  The box has images of trees and birds on the inside of it.

November 16.

November 6.  Grace set up a nice little picnic of pretend food.  Mmmmmm.

October 28.  The skyway between Macy’s and the IDS in downtown Minneapolis.  There’s an exhibit called “Looking for Home” with large images on the windows.  Those are lights from a building behind his face.

September 25.  Been blowing my nose a lot–with a lovely little cold.

September 16.