I’ve been working on documenting the nuns at the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis, a project I hope to continue for some time. I’ve known them for something like 18 years, so it’s been fun to photograph them and their lives. They live in two houses in North Minneapolis, praying for their neighbors and the world, offering hospitality and love to the people who come to their door.  These photos are from the arts and crafts portion of their annual women’s retreat for neighbors and friends, held at Ascension Church.









I visited the Women’s Prison Book Project this week, which is housed in the new Boneshaker Books behind Second Moon.  They’re an all volunteer organization that collects and distributes books to women and transgender folks in prisons all over the US.  They’re looking for donated paperback books–their most requested topics are dictionaries (English and Spanish), African American fiction, drug and alcohol recovery, abuse issues, arts and crafts, mysteries, and romance.  They’ve got a donation box outside of Boneshaker Books.  They’re also happy to have volunteers–especially in the summer, they said, when college students aren’t around.