little poetry library, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

My friend Carolyn Williams-Noren got a grant to help create the Little Poetry Library, which is outside of Blue Moon Coffee Shop on Lake St. The grand opening for it was on Sat., and here’s Carolyn with her golden scissors just after cutting the ribbon to open it.

Just FYI, the artist that did the beautiful collage on the library needs to do some more weatherproofing of the library, so it won’t be open just yet.

refrigerator poetry, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

Feb. 18.

Givens Foundation, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

I photographed Beverly Cottman working with a class at a Minneapolis charter school today for the Givens Foundation for African American Literature. Givens has a literary artists in the schools program. This boy was reading his poem to the class. Some good young poets out there.