March 2009

March 23.


We stayed with some lovely folks in Decorah, Iowa.  Their  farm is off the grid–solor and wind powered.  It was inpiring.  And so was the creek in the frosty morning.

March 21.  A gorgeous day in the woods, meandering down the Mississippi from Lacrosse to Decorcah, Iowa.  Grace doesn’t usually request to be photographed (very often refuses when I point my camera her way).  She asked if I could take her picture on this log.  I obliged.

March 20.  A little road trip over the weekend–visiting a dear friend in Lacrosse, WI, then off to Decorah, Iowa.  This is the view of the Mississippi from Frontenac State Park.  Lots of bald eagles.

March 19.  Friends’ laundry chute.

March 18.

March 17.  Christy’s community ed. African dance class had a little show on the last day of class.  I think I might sign up for the next round.  Looks like fun!

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