wiffle ball, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

The kids in our group had fun teaching the children from Chicueyaco whiffe ball. Once they caught on, the teams were pretty evenly matched.

menu, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

(yesterday’s photo) Kids menu at Great Waters in St. Paul. Went to hear a kids St. Paul Chamber Orchestra concert at the Ordway.

styrofoam, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

Our good friend Karen and family came to town, and we spent the evening swimming at their hotel pool and hanging out. We ordered out Turkish food, and the kids had great fun getting creative their styrofoam cups and plates after the food was consumed.

fort, originally uploaded by jenniferlarson.

Sunday morning, hanging around the house.

We won a new compost bin at the Seward Co-op grand opening.  It doesn’t have any actual compost in it yet, so it’s fun to play in.

December 4.

November 30.  The ride home.

November 27.

November 22.  Grace got to go to two birthday parties today.  One was for her friend from preschool and one for her grandma.  Mmmm cake.


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